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Imrahil sits brooding in his study.

He has to make an announcement to his comrades in arms from Raging Fury and he doesn’t really know how to put the words. Nine years he has been their leader, another two years he was in the guild as a normal member and an officer. From his first raid as a recruit on the tainted islands of Solteris to these last events in the new Chardok he has been there for more than 4 out of every 5 events for more than 10 years, but he has grown weary lately.

Overall 16 years of constant battle have taken their toll, especially since the pressure of responsibility (as officer or leader) has been there for most of those years, not only with Raging Fury”, but also with Darkwind and Drachentaenzer before. He doesn’t feel the urge to battle mighty foes anymore as he used to, it shows in his participation in raids as in his fulfilment of his duties as guild leader. His pride makes him want to believe that he is still an asset in the guild’s raids, as a player and as a leader, but deep in his heart he knows that he is not giving enough anymore.

At his prime he was one of the strongest paladins to walk on Norrath, sure in his step and confident of his prowess, leading his guild into battle time and time again. Quite a long way from the young and fresh knight who went out of Freeport 16 years ago to hunt down his first rats before moving on to the orc camps, forced into retreat upon the Griffon’s approach. Following down memory lane he fondly remembers his first break in on the Plane of Fear, when all his small guild Die Namenlose Bruderschaft and their allies could do was to run towards the western area and hope a cleric would be able to save himself to resurrect everyone later. Then the first raid encounter upon the mighty dragon Trakanon in Sebilis with Drachentaenzer, the battles on the ice continent of Velious and on the moon Luclin and the first steps in the Planes of Power. The transport over from the universe of contested and aggressive Solusek Ro to the remote Kael Drakkal, where DT started to flourish, becoming the uncontested leading guild for several years, the last few under his leadership.

Finally the decline of the population had taken its toll and the inhabitants of Kael Drakkal had to flee to the universe of AnTonius Bayle, where once again the competition was fierce. His face shrouds while he remembers about how tough the decision to leave Drachentaenzer for Darkwind had been, although he regained his enthusiasm for big adventures during the race to be the first to beat Mayong Mistmoore in the Demiplane of Blood. Even though Darkwind was beaten to this ultimate goal by Raging Fury he is still proud to have been among the very few who had to face the future demigod in the Demiplane in his very first incarnation.

Then the time of another departure arrived, when he left Darkwind to exchange his officer’s mantle once more for the unadorned armour of a recruit in Raging Fury. He still remembers the frantic race towards the final fight against the gods Solusek Ro and Mayong Mistmoore between the guilds on AnTonius Bayle with RF prevailing once more and how relaxing it was, just to be a normal guild member, only to focus on his own role in each event.

That respite did not last very long though, because somehow shortly after he started to lead raids, became an officer and finally guild leader. Imrahil was not sure whether he had been lusting for power or if it was his feeling of responsibility to step up when needed or if he has simply been masochistic, most likely it has been a mixture of all three motivations which has gotten him into these roles time and time again. He just hopes that overall a majority would judge his efforts as beneficial in hindsight, knowing that there are always people who feel mistreated or neglected when a large group of humans has to be handled.

He has always tried to temper his sense for justice (after all, he is a paladin of Mithaniel Marr) with compassion, but sometimes tough decisions had to be made and while he has never liked to punish (or even expel) members, he has not shied away from this duty either. Remembering heated discussions with some of his officers in the past he is grateful for the last relatively quiet years of his leadership and the overall enjoyable atmosphere in the guild. He really can’t complain in that regard lately, but still he feels tired, so it must be something else, the dark-haired knight muses.

He ponders the real cause behind his weariness and comes to the conclusion that it is probably a mixture of multiple reasons: the burden of responsibility over the years, the feeling, that there is nothing really new to experience and last but not least the departure of so many good friends of old, who have moved into their well-earned retirement:

Xack, the godfather of tanks, the unholy trinity (Illandra, Tamarea and Illona), the “Leader of the Dwarf Legion” Grynoldy, Imhotep the lorehelmet, all long gone, same as his predecessors Dalrek and Obsqura or his good friends Klorch, the polite troll, Ninan, the selfnuking wizard, Spiritbane, the semi-evil necro, Kikthin (Paladin Pinky), Charrok, the perma-dieing bard and Manadasa, the paladin he looked up to when he was an untested knave himself.

From all those who have been in Raging Fury when he joined so long ago only a handful is left today:

Aderahl (then still as druid Aderel), always extra ordinary DPS

Jolene, the friendly bard lady from the unfriendly Universe of Rallos Zek

Bebop, the slow typing Halfling druid with the healing skills to shame some clerics

And or course his officers, Vmas, the private dancer and silent RFP master and Jarasil, the friendliest officer he has ever met, always there when needed.

Yes, he will miss them, as he will miss the other friends he has been sitting together with through one guild meeting or the other: Ismel, Pippi, Suri, Blackjaw, the list could go on and on. He will also miss the friendly talks with so many people from around the world, but he somehow doubts he will miss having to force himself to battle on days he feels no desire to do so.

“I will enjoy my freedom, maybe after some time in retirement the hunger for adventure will rise again” he tells himself.

For now his duty though is to set up a speech to announce his own retirement and to hand over the mantle of the guild leader. He decides to make it short and simple as he steps onto the balcony in the great hall of Raging Fury:

Hear Ye, hear Ye!
All you member of Raging Fury, a new guild leader has been decided upon!
Please raise your voices and cheer for Jarasil!

He waits for their applause and cheers to subside, then adds:

I am sure you will help him to make the job as easy as it has been for me in the last years.

He is glad that he leaves the guild in capable hands and in a stable state, although he really hopes that Jarasil will find some more people to help him with the different tasks a guild like Raging Fury requires.

He finishes his speech with a few final words:

It has been an honour and a privilege to lead this guild for such a long time, longer than anyone before in the history of Raging Fury. I wish you all the best in your endeavours in Norrath and in other worlds and rest assured: I will visit this hall to share stories and laughter again as I will also continue to visit my friends in the other world. For now though I shall enjoy my retirement away from this alluring world called Norrath.

He grabs the sword that bears his name and that of his guild, raises it and let's it fall down in a final salute:


After a short delay now the official news: Raging Fury has finished the latest EverQuest expansion named "Empires of Kunark" (EoK)!

This is a picture of the victorious raid force on that specific evening in all their glory:

Raging Fury finished EoK

The kill itself happened on the fifth of July, but I have only found time to post a short update until now. Anyway, enough of the lame excuses, let's start with the news!

Given the name of the expansion one had to assume that the theme of it would be based on the mysterious continent of Kunark with its Sarnaks, Dragons and Iksars. In that regard the expansion did not disappoint, in tier one we got a raid in Droga fighting Goblins and the other brought us to another clash with an old acquaintance from the ancient past:


While the Droga raid is laughably easy, Gorenaire at least proved a bit more challenging, although still not really hard. The idea of the raid is basically to defend the city against invading forces including Mrs. Flappy herself, but some parts of the raid make it slightly annoying without really raising the difficulty bar...

A powerful lady like Gorenaire can sometimes have certain effects on males though:

Lance is out of power

Anyway, after we had collected the necessary number of flags we moved on to Tier 2, in which all 3 raids had to be done in order in the old Sarnak home of Chardok. Once again the first raid against the Prince is a free loot event unworthy of getting acknowledged with a screenshot (so, you see, this is deliberate, not because I am lazy as hell!)

The second event in contrary was a bit more challenging, the Queen and her associates showing quite some effort to keep us from grabbing their precious treasure chests. The event from my point of view is pretty well thought out, just the influence of the element of luck regarding the spawn of adds can be slightly irritating while learning. Still, a solid event well worth a screenshot (which I didn't really get a good one of, so there is my slackness again!)

The third event in Chardok after Prince and Queen was... no, not the King! Instead the fight happenedto be about something called "Atrebe's Vault" and as someone not bothering much with the story around such things, I have no clue where this comes from (WRU Lorehelmet Imothep?)

This event is pretty nasty, it needs good coordination and everyone must be well aware of their surroundings. The coordination started to get really difficult almost half a year ago though, because on our server AnTonius Bayle a channel lag of 30 or more seconds is to be expected on raid evenings. Add to this a high number of LDs, zones denying entrance and sometimes scripts hanging and you might understand why sometimes we had the feeling to fight with one hand tied to our back - unpleasant! Nonetheless we managed to beat this event, thus opening the door to the final Tier of Empires of Kunark:


The first event in this zone was about handling an amount of hard hitting Sarnaks and this event took us far longer than it should have. Admittedly, with the aforementioned server issues we had to cancel raids early more than once, but still it took us longer than it should have considering we have been downing it with relative ease after that first win. Now, raiding in Tier 3 gets easier with each win there, because more members get protected against a nasty debuff that prevents them from critting, but overall I think we all can agree that we made it harder on ourselves (and especially our poor raid leaders) than necessary.

The second event had a dragon once more and even his eggs (or her eggs?):

Ancient Dragon

While this event didn't tolerate mistakes because of the lag issues very much, we still downed it in a reasonable time:

An Ex-Dragon

See what I did there? I gave you two screenshots from one event, makes up for my lack on other events, doesn't it? Well, OK, maybe not, I might add some pictures later if I take them...

Whatever, we were now only one event away from finishing the expansion and with us being invigorated by the latest success we stomped over it in short time (yes, the third event is the easiest in Tier 3)


So, the expansion has been finished, the farming can begin and that is good, because now the summertime with vacations etc. starts. So everything is good?

I am afraid, but no, not everything is good. The technical issues on our server have been going on for far too long, first it took months to even get an official acknowledgment that there even ARE issues, but since then we are still waiting for a real improvement. Add to the already mentioned problems that all major guilds on AB have had their Grand Guild Hall swept clean of every item at least once and you may understand why many people feel frustrated, ignored and outright appalled by the lack of support from Daybreak. A game for which you pay every month needs to work properly, if that is not the case then people won't pay for it anymore, plain and simple. I have said before and I will not change my mind: if these issues aren't solved when my account runs out later this year, then my time in Norrath will finally come to an end.

Before I finish I want to thank those responsible for keeping Raging Fury still raiding after all these years, first of all our raidleaders Jarasil, Nilzera and Odysias. Without you guys there would be no successful raiding from this guild and you guys only rarely get the appreciation which you deserve! I also want to thank the other officers of the team Vmas for still doing RFP snaps and loot after all those years (when he is there and not jumping around with beautiful girls ;)) and Washu, the cuddliest Bunny-Shadowknight on the server!

Of course I also want to thank all the others who are helping one way or another, be it by helping in the strategy channel, by working on audio triggers (lots needed in EoK), making tank lines or just being there and doing their job focused and efficiently without complaints about the umpteenth death - in short: the core of Raging Fury.

For now I will finish off by telling all you online gamers out there that there are other things than just gaming, so keep your priorities straight!


A few days ago Raging Fury has beaten the final event (Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls) in the newest expansion of EverQuest called The Broken Mirror (TBM).

Anashti Sul at start

Anashti Sul at 5 %

As usual upon such a win I present to you the victorious forces:

TBM won

Actually we won the event 2 weeks earlier, but through an apparent reset bug it was far easier than intended and I didn't want to put it into the news until we had beaten it the intended way. Now I am absolutely sure, that the usual trail blazers (grats again on #1, RoI), have beaten the event on their first go the intended way, because they had learned the on the Beta server. I won't accuse anyone of stumbling across the same mistake as we did, I will simply say that it is a shame that the final event was bugged in a way which made beating it overly easy (not it was very hard anyway). This bug can stand for many more which have occurred during these almost 4 months since the release of the expansion in November. On one event charms happen and what a surprise - they can cause a crash of the zone! Now I am not sure which of the few remaining devs actually remembers this, but there have been events in EQ's history which worked with charm mechanisms and almost all of them caused issues. The current event crashes when a charmed person without a flag dies, so be careful how many people you take in via 85 % rule. Yes, after 1-2 weeks it's not a problem anymore, because everyone is fully flagged, but stuff like that should not happen in the first place and especially not stay in the game for weeks after being reported!

More issues with TBM: Itemization is unfinished, the spells are a joke and quite frankly having exactly one new zone which gets rehashed in multiple incarnations is unworthy of something which calls itself "expansion" (and demands the price for it).

It is rather obvious, that the new owner of EverQuest (Daybreak Group, short DBG) doesn't see current EQ as his main project. Tons of resources are put into building one timelocked progression server after the other, all trying to get people into the game (and to grab their money) while the current content is neglected, players' feedback gets ignored and some devs simply don't respond at all anymore. The fact that a constant loot form the final event (2 very good augments, which are used to build a VERY good mask) has been disappearing for weeks now because of an arbitrary decision instead of simply handing it out the same way as all other loot just shows how far disconncted the current devs are.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are certain positive statements to be made too for this expansion. First of all, that we actually got one wasn't a sure thing and having a total of 10 progression raids was more than many would have thought. There is the process of backflagging which is good and some of the events are not too bad.

There are even a few more events in new Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear, but the hassle of killing for 2-3 hours through trash is not worth it on a regular base. Maybe they should have remembered what made old plane raids interesting: the chance to get items from the trash which were very good (class armor if anyone remembers). Back then, people were happy when a certain group of adversaries were announced, because they knew it could drop their armor. Now it's just a big snore fest.

With this expansion there came a change with the itemization system and to be honest, I still don't understand why this happened. If I had a very small crew and too much work on my plate, I would not put a sizable amount of my work force into an unnecessary reshaping of one of the core mechanisms in the game (and loot IS one of the driving forces!) without any real reason for it. This leads to lame effects like the current situation that the group armor has actually higher AC than the raid armor. Also there seems to be a push towards making grouping mandatory and removing the old paradigm that raiding gives the best gear. If this trend continues there is a good chance that this is the last expansion that you will read the finishing news from a certain paladin, because that is a road I won't go along.

Anyway, back from the gloomy future, let's come to the present. Here are some screenshots of events in this expansion for those still interested in such things:

Akkapan Adan


Anashti of Decay

You might say that the last picture looks awefully the same as the one from the final encounter. That is true, because not only did they reuse the zones, they also used the same boss mob 3 times in this expansion. Talking about "getting an expansion's worth" again, are we? Ah well...

Whatever, as usual after beating an expansion I want to thank our current raid leader Nilzera for the awesome job he has done working out the strategies to beat the events with the help of our strategy team. He is always open to learning new things as this screenshot proves

Nilzera learning something new

I also want to thank the other officers Jarasil, Vmas and Washu for all the extra work they are putting in which helps making this guild run smoothly.

Raging Fury from my point of view has done a pretty good job considering we have not had any beta information at all and Nilzera has made a clear point that he does NOT want any hints from outside sources either. I fully support this stance because that is the only way you can actually learn an event instead of just following what someone else has done. Yes, this means we take a little bit longer, but the victory is ours alone then and we didn't do too bad overall (still among the top 15 serverwide). We still have a stable raid force every night and overall a good atmosphere which makes leading a bit easier than it used to be - thank you all for that!

Of course there are some ideas which might make leading this guild even better:


So, if you are looking for an evil overlord... err wait, for an awesome guild with fun people around, check our recruitment section or talk to our lovely ladies from the recruitment team Illandra or Schalimar

Anyway, The Broken Mirror is beaten, let the farming time commence!

24.12.2015 It is the time of the season... by Imrahil wish people around the world a great time with friends and family, a time to relax and reflect on what has happened over the last year. Certainly it is also the time of the year where certain wishes from previous years are repeated, because they simply are precisely what you want to express and so I will just rehash a nice Frostfell message from a few years ago (I think I could be running for presidency with such awesome efficiency skills, couldn't I?).

Anyway, here we go:


To all members of Raging Fury (former and present), to all our friends from other guilds or other games than EverQuest and of course all the people who just like to read about Raging Fury:

I wish you all a happy Frostfell 2015

Enjoy the season of the year with your families and friends, be jolly, celebrate and overall have a wonderful time!

For myself I can only say that while being grateful for all my friends living close by, I am also indebted to EverQuest forever, as it has brought me some new friends from around the world (many of whom I had the pleasure to meet face to face) without whom my life would be so much poorer.

People who don't share our hobby often look down upon us because "it is only a game" and "you should interact with real people more than being in the virtual world", but all I can say is that I am truly grateful for having met so many great people, some of whom I consider among my closest friends. Does it really matter if you live in the same city or even the same country? Being there when you need someone to talk to, cheering you up when you are down and in the same way letting you yourself participate in their lives - that's what friendship is about in my book!

The internet brings possibiLities to our generation that none before has had and from my point of view what could be better than to try to learn about different cultures by the people themselves? Aren't all those "internet relations are not real"-sayers closing their eyes to the new oppotunities we have?

There is a whole world of people to meet out there and during times like these I would like to express my gratitude for all the precious memories I have gotten by starting EverQuest 15 years ago.

Yes, this is a bit sentimental, but what more appropriate time to reflect upon all the great people we have been priviliged to meet over the years? EverQuest still has people playing not alone because it is such a great game, but mostly because of all the bonds which have been built over the years. Some people may leave, but many still stay in contact even years later and that is what counts. have reached the end of the quote...

OK, that was by far the laziest news update I have ever done (and that does mean something), but nonetheless the words themselves are 100 percent true. It became quite clear how many good friends we have made in EQ during our usual December meeting in Nottingham last weekend, organized by Illandra, where once again we had people from different countries assembled to eat, drink and have fun together (and of course to watch STAR WARS!)

While I was in Nottingham my guild was so nice to wait with winning the final event in tier 1 of the newest expansion of EverQuest called The Broken Mirror (TBM). As I did miss the start of the expansion itself (Las Vegas > Norrath, sorry guys), I have simply forgotten to make nice screenshots, so all I can say is that I will put it on my list of New Year's resolutions to make better news in 2016!

Anyway, that's all for this year, enjoy the last days of 2015 and drink an eggnog (or two) for me, time for a last quote from my news from two years ago:

So from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a great time, may you have a splendid finish of 2015 and a great start into 2016!

01.06.2015 TDS beaten by Raging Fury by Imrahil

After quite a few weeks of banging our heads against the event, tonight finally everything fell into place and we managed to beat the last event from The Darkened Sea called Calix Quirinus and Lanys.

Calix Quirinus Lanys

Yes, once again Lanys T'Vyl was used as an adversary, what a novel idea! Anyway I have to admit that in this last incarnation that Darkelf lady was a real pain to fight. There was quite a bit going on (emotes, AEs, knockbacks, liches), but the most annoying part of this event from my point of view were the spark workers (some golems), who had a tendency to attack casters despite OTs using all their tools to get them controlled. I have never found events particularly amusing where certain classes were hindered to do their job properly. Yes in the end we worked around it (also the time between the golems blurring themselves was prolonged in a patch), but nonetheless I find it frustrating when you try to get a mob OTed properly and on a wimp the mob turns and runs to a freshly rezzed caster who didn't do anything to it - sorry, but that is simply retarded.

Whatever, tonight we overcame all obstacles, all those pesky little details which made us abort so often, so in the end we all got us some AA and could cheer:


As usual upon beating an expansion here is a picture of the successful raiders in their glory:

The glorious raidforce

These are only those who were inside the raid upon the final attempt, but I would like to congratulate all the members of Raging Fury on finishing another expansion of EverQuest. While we have dropped out of the top 5 guilds (and actually also the top 10) lately, we still do well enough for such an old guild. While many other guilds on our server Antonius Bayle have fallen over the years, we still stand strong and provide a new home for some of those who would otherwise have been scattered across multiple guilds. Of course it is not always easy to integrate a huge number of new players into an old structure, but after a time people start to learn to coordinate and feel comfortable in their new surroundings, making the guild in total stronger. This has happened to our guild with the influx of not one, but two groups of players from other guilds on the server: Wind of Tranquility and Darkwind. Working side by side for a common goal is the best way to overcome barriers which always exist between rivaling guilds and I think that over the last months our new guild members have come to accept Raging Fury as their new home.

I will write a bit more about my personal verdict on TDS on one of the next days, but I do not want to finish without saying a huge "Thank you" to all of the team who have made this victory possible, first of all our main raid leader Nilzera, but also Rhuurgar who has lead many raids in TDS too. Second I want to thank the other officers Jarasil (great raid leading there too), Vmas (you still rock for doing the pesky RFP snaps) and our newest officer Washu for being a fearless bunny.

Also a huge thanks to all of our new class leaders, to all those people who have volunteered to sit out so we could get the right raid setup and of course to all those who have thrown themselves into the battle doing their very best on every attempt

Last but not least I would like to thank two people who are not members of our guild anymore: Fehu and Dantius. This may seem unusual to some, but both have worked really hard to integrate all those new members, to keep the guild on track and they both have left less than two weeks ago. Your work inside RF is not forgotten!

OK, that's it for now, we are closing in towards midnight, so I will finish this off simply by saying

Well done RF!

03.03.2015 Arx #4 downed by Raging Fury by Imrahil

Dear valued reader of the Raging Fury news: I am proud!

No, not of myself because I managed another update only 5 weeks after the last (I am accepting pats on the back though for such an accomplishment), but of my guild who managed to down the fourth event in Arx Mentis called Principal Indagatrix Lucia yesterday evening.

This event was no "walk in the park" although it takes place in the garden area of that zone, so we did actually have quite a bit of cheering after all those achievements upon the victory:

Arx #4 achievements

Arx #4 cheers

To be honest, I think Pippi exaggerated a bit there, fights like Triunity, Fumerak (both VoA), many of the Underfoot raids in their original form or even Solteris back its day were much harder than this event. Nonetheless it felt certainly as an accomplishment, to which to a huge part the suicidal tendencies of Firiona Vie contributed. Seriously, that lady should get an honorary PhD in Lemminging, she is a real pro in that discipline...

Anyway, beating this took us a bit longer than expected, but not all of that delay is to blame on our admittedly more casual approach (compared to the times when we were constantly among the top 5 serverwide).

As those who are still following information around EverQuest most likely will already know, Sony has sold its daughter company Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to an investment company called "Columbus Nova", so SOE is now called Daybreak Game Company.

Aside from the usual lay-offs which happen after such changes (hopefully followed by new hirings) there was also a change on the patch times for EverQuest which hurt the Euro players pretty badly. That change alone cost us two raid days, otherwise I think we may have beaten Arx 4 last week already (not that it really matters anyway). Still we hope that future patches can be moved out of our main time again.

Apart from that we are all anxious to see how Daybreak will handle the current problems in EverQuest and if they will rectify some of the mistakes recently made by SOE (namely the so-called "XP-nerf" when players below 100 were grouped with players level 101 and higher and the huge reduction of exp for all zones below CotF). There is no denying that EQ was not given the resources needed to maintain a healthy game which then lead to more people quitting, leaving it with less resources... a vicious circle.

We can only hope that Daybreak (or Columbus Nova) is seeing things from a different angle than Sony and maybe supports the game in a way which actually brings back some of those retired folks and maybe even gains some new enthusiasts. Having more content than 5 progression raids and two so-called "one-off"-raids and a miniscule number of zones could actually help with that. What is a "one-off"-raid you may ask if you aren't in the game anymore? Well, that is a raid you can only attempt one time, the lockout gets activated when you trigger it, not when it is beaten (a bit like Corniav during PoP-era). No offense, but putting this mechanism in on two from only seven raids in total is a blatant and open attempt to make the content appear bigger than it actually is. You can only attempt it once every five days (meaning for guilds like RF once a week) and there is a good chance that some of the stuff you learned you forget again until next week without training inbetween (or there is a change in the raid force with some new members). Now, I wouldn't mind something like that if we had 20 raids of which two were of this type, but when you only get 7, then this is simply an extremely bad and annoying idea which in no way is making raid more fun!

The brand EverQuest should still stand for something, so we can hope that Daybreak may listen a bit more to the players and the devs may also have to be a bit more understandable that people who are not enjoying the game will actually leave. Putting fingers into ears singing "lalala, I can't hear your whines about not enough content, timesinks via spelldrop rarity and exp-nerfs" has cost EQ too many good players already.

On a more positive sidenote, mages got their summoning spells nerfed, about time!:

Summon Pizza Rk. II

That's all for now, folks, the last update should come when we have finished the last progression raid and then I will also give my personal verdict on the expansion called The Darkened Sea (as if you couldn't read it between the lines already).

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