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22.04.2011 Happy Easter from Hopping Fury! by Imrahil

Hello everyone out there!

I want to take this opportunity to wish every visitor of our website a pleasant easter time.

To celebrate this event, we at Raging Fury have brought to you two pictures with lots of fluffy easter bunnies (courtesy of Ismel):

Hopping Fury #1 Hopping Fury #2

The hunter quest is a nice idea and among others of our members we had at least 1 enchanter to bunnify us all. Speaking of that: on April first the devs played a new prankster on us, making random NPCs and players into bunnies. I myself found the idea hilarious, but sadly enough there was some mess-up with the starting of quests and raids, so what was supposed to be a very nice and funny joke became a nuisance for some.

This simple example shows, how by making a small mistake or miscalculation an otherwise solid idea with good intentions can be ruined. This was also the case with this year's Legacy event, the raiding on the Mechanic Guardian in Dragonscale Hills. The idea of attacking this homungous structure with the combined forces of guilds was nice, but the lag produced by letting the event take place in an open zone simply ruined the fun for everyone. Our own guild lizard had this to say about the event:

Xack knows about courage

Combined with the hassle to get a specific drop which could only come from one sort of mobs this left many people with more frustration than joy.

Still in total we had some new content and the mission inside the guardian was actually fun and brought some good loot, so it was a distraction during this otherwise rather solemn time of farming. Also the little egg collection quest for easter was a nice idea, so kudos whoever brought it in - sometimes even small little things can be fun!

NonethelesslLet us all hope that we will get some more content soon, otherwise we will probably have to cut down our raid days even further from the already only 3 raid days which are currently left.

One good thing about the little current content: I don't have to have a bad conscience about giving the guild raid free over the complete easter time, so everything has its advantages I guess.

A final word before I close this news update: We have very few open spots at the moment, as we have full raids every evening, but certain classes still have an opening. At the moment we are mainly looking for wizards and rogues, but we may have some spots for other classes too, so speak to our recruiters Illandra, Nalelini, or Schalimar or talk to an officer.

Enjoy easter time, may you find many eggs :)

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