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16.05.2011 Raging Fury raids Nottingham by Imrahil

As most of the readers will know, SOE has been the victim of a hacker attack and as a result all its services were shut down while they were working frantically to reach a secure state again. Finally the servers have been brought back online on Saturday, so the normal raiding business can continue as usual and everyone can rejoice.

While we were waiting for that to happen though it meant 2 weeks without EverQuest for all the addicts in Raging Fury and so we had to look for some other targets to raid outside in another game - the REAL WORLD.

So it was the second weekend in May when this fearless force of RF members assembled in the raid zone Nottingham in the United Kingdom expansion under the raid leadership of Illandra to have some fun and phat lewt:

Raging Fury Raid Force

I will add the names this time, as I forgot to put /shownames ON: From left to right: Spiritbane, Snufty, Mrs. Snufty (honorary RF), Illandra, Imrahil, Kryill, Kikthin, Klorch, Pippi.

We encountered a few dangerous boss mobs, for example the Piper of Nottingham:

The Piper of Nottingham

Xack was stuck in another raid zone called Lanzarote, but his spirit was with us nonetheless, protecting us against rats:

Xack's spirit (poked)

So we had to bring Klorch back into EQ by making him tank The Ferocious Beast (TFB):

Klorch tanks TFB

As we were less people than on a normal raid (not everyone could afford to buy the United Kingdom expansion yet) we got ourselves some outside help from the most famous Ranger of all times (sorry Vmas):

The Idol of Vmas Hood

Also our wizard Snufty had to change into a shaman as we had no slower with us:

Snufty the Shaman

Obviously as a trained force we didn’t fall to those enemies or low numbers, but instead got us some nice rewards:

Fewd Lewt!

Altogether the new zone Nottingham looked really nice, the encounters were refreshingly new and everyone had a great time.

Thanks to all who were there and especially Illandra for the great organization – I think we are all looking forward to the next Nottingham raid!

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