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02.01.2013 Rain of Fear finished by Raging Fury - for now! by Imrahil

What a start into the new year: today Raging Fury defeated the The Return of King Xorbb, the final event in Rain of Fear, the latest expansion of EverQuest.

Before I come to anything else, here is the traditional picture of the victorious Raging Fury force:

RF victory

This is another shot, including the Evil Eye King Xorbb himself - not so evil anymore:

Xorbb is dead

And here is the loot we got from Xorbb (sadly no Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye, that would have rocked!):

Robe/BP Brutal Frostbite of the Valley Master Xorbbs Rod of Retribution

So this was the final event, beaten one month after the release of the expansion, including a time of reduced raiding for the holidays? Well, at least this is the status of that event for now, but there are strong hints towards some additional content before the next expansion comes out (you may have noticed the additional three portals getting raised in Shard's Landing if you play the game) and most certainly we in Raging Fury are looking forward to additional content, more specifically raid content, because otherwise this will have been the shortest expansion raidwise since LoY...

Seriously, the first guild (Realm of Insanity) finished the last event one week after the release of RoF with the second (Machin Shin) only a week behind, followed by 4 other guilds before christmas - kudos to all of them.

And what about Raging Fury? As usual RF started a bit slower than other high end guilds, but got into gear pretty well in the end. Sadly, given the fact that this expansion was more a sprint than anything else, we couldn't make up for that slow start and thus finished it only after our small christmas break as the seventh guild serverwide, still quite a respectable result I would say. Nonetheless I hope for additional raid tiers so that maybe in the end we can still maintain our spot among the top #5 once RoF is really finished...

As the expansion was so short, I didn't post any news before, so I will give a few pictures of other raid events for you to enjoy:

This is from The Madness of King Tormax (and yes, that's Yelinak, I know)


Danella's Stand:


Zeixshi-Kar's Shard:


The Queen's Decree:

Queen Grelleth

A Feast for Zalikor:


Guardian of the Gate:

Guardian of the Gate

That last event (also known as Xorbb #1) was actually the hardest in the expansion, not so much because of the complexity itself, but due to the fact that it is extremely poorly tuned and as such can only be beaten other than the obviously intended way.

Or to put it in other words:


Aren't we all a bit like Rambo sometimes?

Well, I guess you can't be afraid of dieing when you do events like that, even when you try to avoid certain dangers:


The event brought evil ideas into people's minds (totally un-RF-like!)

Evil dots

Normally the members of Raging Fury are well known and respected across the server!

Daze is wellknown

But also some of the other events had surprises, especially for our RLs. I remember Insaneox asking Queen Grelleth happily to be sacrificed for her dinner table (sorry, I laughed so hard I forgot to take a screenshot), and also Odysias had an accident:

Ody triggers the event

Nonetheless I am very proud of my guild, because during the last few events I have once again seen the drive and passion which seemed a bit lost after such a long farming time (the fact that the first events were beaten that fast didn't help either, I guess).

I want to thank especially our raid leaders who have done a really great job together with our whole strategy team.

I also want to express my gratitude towards our recruiters for the excellent work they have done during the long months of farming to keep the guild in a healthy state, well done, Ladies!

Thanks also to the rest of the officer team as well as to all those trailblazers who got through the quests fast so we could request the raids - especially in such a short expansion people like you are a tremendous asset to any guild!

Last but not least I want to thank every member of Raging Fury for making this guild the way it is: a hardcore raiding guild with a generally relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations, Raging Fury, well done again!

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