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06.01.2013 Vulak'Aerr down, all RoF content beaten by RF by Imrahil

Just a small update: today Raging Fury has beaten the ruler of the Corrupted Temple of Veeshan, the mighty Vulak'Aerr himself as first guild on AB and fourth serverwide

Mighty Vulak

After our victory over King Xorbb we finally had our hands free to turn towards the revamped version of the old Northern Temple of Veeshan, which brought back many memories to the old raid players. Although one could clearly see, that raiding back then was far simpler (tank and spank), nonetheless it felt relaxing just beating stuff up and not having to worry too much.

Vulak himself though proved to be quite a bit more challenging and so the fight was indeed complex enough to get a feeling of accomplishment after downing him and being able to call ourselves "Vanquisher of Rain of Fear":

Vanquisher of Rain of Fear

I guess we will add NToV to our farming plan now and then, was OK to do :)

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