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24.08.2014 Progression is done for CoTF by Imrahil

Dear regular readers of Raging Fury news!

I have to apologize to all of you. Not only is this a rather small update this time (as the last one hasn't been THAT long ago), it is also far too late, as we have beaten the last progression event already on the 11th of August, so nearly two weeks ago. I could come now and blame global warming causing floodwaves to ovErflow my apartment or maybe aliens abducting my PC, but I want to be honest with you and simply say that I had other things on my mind and forgot.

That out of the way let's talk about the two last raids we have beaten.

The first one was called "Burned Out", a phrase some raiders may have used recently when they had to describe their own sentiments about EQ and its raids. Nonetheless I personally found this raid not that bad (maybe a bit too easy) and the graphics are rather nice:

Burned Out

The last progression raid is called "The Journey Home" and it wraps up many of the story lines brought in with this expansion - not bad. The raid itself is OK, but once again (like in Tower of Rot) the raid success is completely depending on the last few percent, meaning that you have to redo all the previous rather tedious stuff only to wipe at 5 percent. I myself don't like such a design and having it two times in only three tier 2 raids to me is a bit annoying... Nonetheless the raid isn't too bad once you learn the setup, the end is just a tad too chaotic for my taste. Oh, and Zebuxoruk still likes to babble too much (long time players will remember him from Planes of Power - now THAT was a proper expansion *remembers fondly*)


So, all of the progression is done, but there is still one raid to beat, the one in Plane of War which came out as "anniversary raid" only to be later officially changed to "permanent", as noone even bothered with it at the start considering its rather high risk vs. reward. Since the event has gone through a retune it has been beaten by more guilds than just the ruling "King of the Hill" Realm of Insanity, so Raging Fury will have a second look at it too now that apart from it only farming is left.

For thoseof you who haven't already heard it, the next expansion for EverQuest has been officially announced for the 28th of October and it will be called The Darkened Sea. I still wonder if they will finally bring in "Ship to Ship Combat" as promised for the expansion The Buried Sea years ago...

Anyway, let me finish with a little fun people have been having with those pesky clickies lately during raids:

Balls #1

Balls #2

Balls #3

It seems, Arionex has indeed taken the point and knows where the balls belong:

Balls #4

Balls #5

That's all for now folks, see you in Norrath maybe!

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