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03.03.2015 Arx #4 downed by Raging Fury by Imrahil

Dear valued reader of the Raging Fury news: I am proud!

No, not of myself because I managed another update only 5 weeks after the last (I am accepting pats on the back though for such an accomplishment), but of my guild who managed to down the fourth event in Arx Mentis called Principal Indagatrix Lucia yesterday evening.

This event was no "walk in the park" although it takes place in the garden area of that zone, so we did actually have quite a bit of cheering after all those achievements upon the victory:

Arx #4 achievements

Arx #4 cheers

To be honest, I think Pippi exaggerated a bit there, fights like Triunity, Fumerak (both VoA), many of the Underfoot raids in their original form or even Solteris back its day were much harder than this event. Nonetheless it felt certainly as an accomplishment, to which to a huge part the suicidal tendencies of Firiona Vie contributed. Seriously, that lady should get an honorary PhD in Lemminging, she is a real pro in that discipline...

Anyway, beating this took us a bit longer than expected, but not all of that delay is to blame on our admittedly more casual approach (compared to the times when we were constantly among the top 5 serverwide).

As those who are still following information around EverQuest most likely will already know, Sony has sold its daughter company Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to an investment company called "Columbus Nova", so SOE is now called Daybreak Game Company.

Aside from the usual lay-offs which happen after such changes (hopefully followed by new hirings) there was also a change on the patch times for EverQuest which hurt the Euro players pretty badly. That change alone cost us two raid days, otherwise I think we may have beaten Arx 4 last week already (not that it really matters anyway). Still we hope that future patches can be moved out of our main time again.

Apart from that we are all anxious to see how Daybreak will handle the current problems in EverQuest and if they will rectify some of the mistakes recently made by SOE (namely the so-called "XP-nerf" when players below 100 were grouped with players level 101 and higher and the huge reduction of exp for all zones below CotF). There is no denying that EQ was not given the resources needed to maintain a healthy game which then lead to more people quitting, leaving it with less resources... a vicious circle.

We can only hope that Daybreak (or Columbus Nova) is seeing things from a different angle than Sony and maybe supports the game in a way which actually brings back some of those retired folks and maybe even gains some new enthusiasts. Having more content than 5 progression raids and two so-called "one-off"-raids and a miniscule number of zones could actually help with that. What is a "one-off"-raid you may ask if you aren't in the game anymore? Well, that is a raid you can only attempt one time, the lockout gets activated when you trigger it, not when it is beaten (a bit like Corniav during PoP-era). No offense, but putting this mechanism in on two from only seven raids in total is a blatant and open attempt to make the content appear bigger than it actually is. You can only attempt it once every five days (meaning for guilds like RF once a week) and there is a good chance that some of the stuff you learned you forget again until next week without training inbetween (or there is a change in the raid force with some new members). Now, I wouldn't mind something like that if we had 20 raids of which two were of this type, but when you only get 7, then this is simply an extremely bad and annoying idea which in no way is making raid more fun!

The brand EverQuest should still stand for something, so we can hope that Daybreak may listen a bit more to the players and the devs may also have to be a bit more understandable that people who are not enjoying the game will actually leave. Putting fingers into ears singing "lalala, I can't hear your whines about not enough content, timesinks via spelldrop rarity and exp-nerfs" has cost EQ too many good players already.

On a more positive sidenote, mages got their summoning spells nerfed, about time!:

Summon Pizza Rk. II

That's all for now, folks, the last update should come when we have finished the last progression raid and then I will also give my personal verdict on the expansion called The Darkened Sea (as if you couldn't read it between the lines already).

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