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01.06.2015 TDS beaten by Raging Fury by Imrahil

After quite a few weeks of banging our heads against the event, tonight finally everything fell into place and we managed to beat the last event from The Darkened Sea called Calix Quirinus and Lanys.

Calix Quirinus Lanys

Yes, once again Lanys T'Vyl was used as an adversary, what a novel idea! Anyway I have to admit that in this last incarnation that Darkelf lady was a real pain to fight. There was quite a bit going on (emotes, AEs, knockbacks, liches), but the most annoying part of this event from my point of view were the spark workers (some golems), who had a tendency to attack casters despite OTs using all their tools to get them controlled. I have never found events particularly amusing where certain classes were hindered to do their job properly. Yes in the end we worked around it (also the time between the golems blurring themselves was prolonged in a patch), but nonetheless I find it frustrating when you try to get a mob OTed properly and on a wimp the mob turns and runs to a freshly rezzed caster who didn't do anything to it - sorry, but that is simply retarded.

Whatever, tonight we overcame all obstacles, all those pesky little details which made us abort so often, so in the end we all got us some AA and could cheer:


As usual upon beating an expansion here is a picture of the successful raiders in their glory:

The glorious raidforce

These are only those who were inside the raid upon the final attempt, but I would like to congratulate all the members of Raging Fury on finishing another expansion of EverQuest. While we have dropped out of the top 5 guilds (and actually also the top 10) lately, we still do well enough for such an old guild. While many other guilds on our server Antonius Bayle have fallen over the years, we still stand strong and provide a new home for some of those who would otherwise have been scattered across multiple guilds. Of course it is not always easy to integrate a huge number of new players into an old structure, but after a time people start to learn to coordinate and feel comfortable in their new surroundings, making the guild in total stronger. This has happened to our guild with the influx of not one, but two groups of players from other guilds on the server: Wind of Tranquility and Darkwind. Working side by side for a common goal is the best way to overcome barriers which always exist between rivaling guilds and I think that over the last months our new guild members have come to accept Raging Fury as their new home.

I will write a bit more about my personal verdict on TDS on one of the next days, but I do not want to finish without saying a huge "Thank you" to all of the team who have made this victory possible, first of all our main raid leader Nilzera, but also Rhuurgar who has lead many raids in TDS too. Second I want to thank the other officers Jarasil (great raid leading there too), Vmas (you still rock for doing the pesky RFP snaps) and our newest officer Washu for being a fearless bunny.

Also a huge thanks to all of our new class leaders, to all those people who have volunteered to sit out so we could get the right raid setup and of course to all those who have thrown themselves into the battle doing their very best on every attempt

Last but not least I would like to thank two people who are not members of our guild anymore: Fehu and Dantius. This may seem unusual to some, but both have worked really hard to integrate all those new members, to keep the guild on track and they both have left less than two weeks ago. Your work inside RF is not forgotten!

OK, that's it for now, we are closing in towards midnight, so I will finish this off simply by saying

Well done RF!

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