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24.12.2015 It is the time of the season... by Imrahil wish people around the world a great time with friends and family, a time to relax and reflect on what has happened over the last year. Certainly it is also the time of the year where certain wishes from previous years are repeated, because they simply are precisely what you want to express and so I will just rehash a nice Frostfell message from a few years ago (I think I could be running for presidency with such awesome efficiency skills, couldn't I?).

Anyway, here we go:


To all members of Raging Fury (former and present), to all our friends from other guilds or other games than EverQuest and of course all the people who just like to read about Raging Fury:

I wish you all a happy Frostfell 2015

Enjoy the season of the year with your families and friends, be jolly, celebrate and overall have a wonderful time!

For myself I can only say that while being grateful for all my friends living close by, I am also indebted to EverQuest forever, as it has brought me some new friends from around the world (many of whom I had the pleasure to meet face to face) without whom my life would be so much poorer.

People who don't share our hobby often look down upon us because "it is only a game" and "you should interact with real people more than being in the virtual world", but all I can say is that I am truly grateful for having met so many great people, some of whom I consider among my closest friends. Does it really matter if you live in the same city or even the same country? Being there when you need someone to talk to, cheering you up when you are down and in the same way letting you yourself participate in their lives - that's what friendship is about in my book!

The internet brings possibiLities to our generation that none before has had and from my point of view what could be better than to try to learn about different cultures by the people themselves? Aren't all those "internet relations are not real"-sayers closing their eyes to the new oppotunities we have?

There is a whole world of people to meet out there and during times like these I would like to express my gratitude for all the precious memories I have gotten by starting EverQuest 15 years ago.

Yes, this is a bit sentimental, but what more appropriate time to reflect upon all the great people we have been priviliged to meet over the years? EverQuest still has people playing not alone because it is such a great game, but mostly because of all the bonds which have been built over the years. Some people may leave, but many still stay in contact even years later and that is what counts. have reached the end of the quote...

OK, that was by far the laziest news update I have ever done (and that does mean something), but nonetheless the words themselves are 100 percent true. It became quite clear how many good friends we have made in EQ during our usual December meeting in Nottingham last weekend, organized by Illandra, where once again we had people from different countries assembled to eat, drink and have fun together (and of course to watch STAR WARS!)

While I was in Nottingham my guild was so nice to wait with winning the final event in tier 1 of the newest expansion of EverQuest called The Broken Mirror (TBM). As I did miss the start of the expansion itself (Las Vegas > Norrath, sorry guys), I have simply forgotten to make nice screenshots, so all I can say is that I will put it on my list of New Year's resolutions to make better news in 2016!

Anyway, that's all for this year, enjoy the last days of 2015 and drink an eggnog (or two) for me, time for a last quote from my news from two years ago:

So from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a great time, may you have a splendid finish of 2015 and a great start into 2016!

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