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06.03.2016 The Broken Mirror beaten by Raging Fury by Imrahil

A few days ago Raging Fury has beaten the final event (Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls) in the newest expansion of EverQuest called The Broken Mirror (TBM).

Anashti Sul at start

Anashti Sul at 5 %

As usual upon such a win I present to you the victorious forces:

TBM won

Actually we won the event 2 weeks earlier, but through an apparent reset bug it was far easier than intended and I didn't want to put it into the news until we had beaten it the intended way. Now I am absolutely sure, that the usual trail blazers (grats again on #1, RoI), have beaten the event on their first go the intended way, because they had learned the on the Beta server. I won't accuse anyone of stumbling across the same mistake as we did, I will simply say that it is a shame that the final event was bugged in a way which made beating it overly easy (not it was very hard anyway). This bug can stand for many more which have occurred during these almost 4 months since the release of the expansion in November. On one event charms happen and what a surprise - they can cause a crash of the zone! Now I am not sure which of the few remaining devs actually remembers this, but there have been events in EQ's history which worked with charm mechanisms and almost all of them caused issues. The current event crashes when a charmed person without a flag dies, so be careful how many people you take in via 85 % rule. Yes, after 1-2 weeks it's not a problem anymore, because everyone is fully flagged, but stuff like that should not happen in the first place and especially not stay in the game for weeks after being reported!

More issues with TBM: Itemization is unfinished, the spells are a joke and quite frankly having exactly one new zone which gets rehashed in multiple incarnations is unworthy of something which calls itself "expansion" (and demands the price for it).

It is rather obvious, that the new owner of EverQuest (Daybreak Group, short DBG) doesn't see current EQ as his main project. Tons of resources are put into building one timelocked progression server after the other, all trying to get people into the game (and to grab their money) while the current content is neglected, players' feedback gets ignored and some devs simply don't respond at all anymore. The fact that a constant loot form the final event (2 very good augments, which are used to build a VERY good mask) has been disappearing for weeks now because of an arbitrary decision instead of simply handing it out the same way as all other loot just shows how far disconncted the current devs are.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are certain positive statements to be made too for this expansion. First of all, that we actually got one wasn't a sure thing and having a total of 10 progression raids was more than many would have thought. There is the process of backflagging which is good and some of the events are not too bad.

There are even a few more events in new Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear, but the hassle of killing for 2-3 hours through trash is not worth it on a regular base. Maybe they should have remembered what made old plane raids interesting: the chance to get items from the trash which were very good (class armor if anyone remembers). Back then, people were happy when a certain group of adversaries were announced, because they knew it could drop their armor. Now it's just a big snore fest.

With this expansion there came a change with the itemization system and to be honest, I still don't understand why this happened. If I had a very small crew and too much work on my plate, I would not put a sizable amount of my work force into an unnecessary reshaping of one of the core mechanisms in the game (and loot IS one of the driving forces!) without any real reason for it. This leads to lame effects like the current situation that the group armor has actually higher AC than the raid armor. Also there seems to be a push towards making grouping mandatory and removing the old paradigm that raiding gives the best gear. If this trend continues there is a good chance that this is the last expansion that you will read the finishing news from a certain paladin, because that is a road I won't go along.

Anyway, back from the gloomy future, let's come to the present. Here are some screenshots of events in this expansion for those still interested in such things:

Akkapan Adan


Anashti of Decay

You might say that the last picture looks awefully the same as the one from the final encounter. That is true, because not only did they reuse the zones, they also used the same boss mob 3 times in this expansion. Talking about "getting an expansion's worth" again, are we? Ah well...

Whatever, as usual after beating an expansion I want to thank our current raid leader Nilzera for the awesome job he has done working out the strategies to beat the events with the help of our strategy team. He is always open to learning new things as this screenshot proves

Nilzera learning something new

I also want to thank the other officers Jarasil, Vmas and Washu for all the extra work they are putting in which helps making this guild run smoothly.

Raging Fury from my point of view has done a pretty good job considering we have not had any beta information at all and Nilzera has made a clear point that he does NOT want any hints from outside sources either. I fully support this stance because that is the only way you can actually learn an event instead of just following what someone else has done. Yes, this means we take a little bit longer, but the victory is ours alone then and we didn't do too bad overall (still among the top 15 serverwide). We still have a stable raid force every night and overall a good atmosphere which makes leading a bit easier than it used to be - thank you all for that!

Of course there are some ideas which might make leading this guild even better:


So, if you are looking for an evil overlord... err wait, for an awesome guild with fun people around, check our recruitment section or talk to our lovely ladies from the recruitment team Illandra or Schalimar

Anyway, The Broken Mirror is beaten, let the farming time commence!

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