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09.07.2017 Empires of Kunark finished by Raging Fury by Imrahil

After a short delay now the official news: Raging Fury has finished the latest EverQuest expansion named "Empires of Kunark" (EoK)!

This is a picture of the victorious raid force on that specific evening in all their glory:

Raging Fury finished EoK

The kill itself happened on the fifth of July, but I have only found time to post a short update until now. Anyway, enough of the lame excuses, let's start with the news!

Given the name of the expansion one had to assume that the theme of it would be based on the mysterious continent of Kunark with its Sarnaks, Dragons and Iksars. In that regard the expansion did not disappoint, in tier one we got a raid in Droga fighting Goblins and the other brought us to another clash with an old acquaintance from the ancient past:


While the Droga raid is laughably easy, Gorenaire at least proved a bit more challenging, although still not really hard. The idea of the raid is basically to defend the city against invading forces including Mrs. Flappy herself, but some parts of the raid make it slightly annoying without really raising the difficulty bar...

A powerful lady like Gorenaire can sometimes have certain effects on males though:

Lance is out of power

Anyway, after we had collected the necessary number of flags we moved on to Tier 2, in which all 3 raids had to be done in order in the old Sarnak home of Chardok. Once again the first raid against the Prince is a free loot event unworthy of getting acknowledged with a screenshot (so, you see, this is deliberate, not because I am lazy as hell!)

The second event in contrary was a bit more challenging, the Queen and her associates showing quite some effort to keep us from grabbing their precious treasure chests. The event from my point of view is pretty well thought out, just the influence of the element of luck regarding the spawn of adds can be slightly irritating while learning. Still, a solid event well worth a screenshot (which I didn't really get a good one of, so there is my slackness again!)

The third event in Chardok after Prince and Queen was... no, not the King! Instead the fight happenedto be about something called "Atrebe's Vault" and as someone not bothering much with the story around such things, I have no clue where this comes from (WRU Lorehelmet Imothep?)

This event is pretty nasty, it needs good coordination and everyone must be well aware of their surroundings. The coordination started to get really difficult almost half a year ago though, because on our server AnTonius Bayle a channel lag of 30 or more seconds is to be expected on raid evenings. Add to this a high number of LDs, zones denying entrance and sometimes scripts hanging and you might understand why sometimes we had the feeling to fight with one hand tied to our back - unpleasant! Nonetheless we managed to beat this event, thus opening the door to the final Tier of Empires of Kunark:


The first event in this zone was about handling an amount of hard hitting Sarnaks and this event took us far longer than it should have. Admittedly, with the aforementioned server issues we had to cancel raids early more than once, but still it took us longer than it should have considering we have been downing it with relative ease after that first win. Now, raiding in Tier 3 gets easier with each win there, because more members get protected against a nasty debuff that prevents them from critting, but overall I think we all can agree that we made it harder on ourselves (and especially our poor raid leaders) than necessary.

The second event had a dragon once more and even his eggs (or her eggs?):

Ancient Dragon

While this event didn't tolerate mistakes because of the lag issues very much, we still downed it in a reasonable time:

An Ex-Dragon

See what I did there? I gave you two screenshots from one event, makes up for my lack on other events, doesn't it? Well, OK, maybe not, I might add some pictures later if I take them...

Whatever, we were now only one event away from finishing the expansion and with us being invigorated by the latest success we stomped over it in short time (yes, the third event is the easiest in Tier 3)


So, the expansion has been finished, the farming can begin and that is good, because now the summertime with vacations etc. starts. So everything is good?

I am afraid, but no, not everything is good. The technical issues on our server have been going on for far too long, first it took months to even get an official acknowledgment that there even ARE issues, but since then we are still waiting for a real improvement. Add to the already mentioned problems that all major guilds on AB have had their Grand Guild Hall swept clean of every item at least once and you may understand why many people feel frustrated, ignored and outright appalled by the lack of support from Daybreak. A game for which you pay every month needs to work properly, if that is not the case then people won't pay for it anymore, plain and simple. I have said before and I will not change my mind: if these issues aren't solved when my account runs out later this year, then my time in Norrath will finally come to an end.

Before I finish I want to thank those responsible for keeping Raging Fury still raiding after all these years, first of all our raidleaders Jarasil, Nilzera and Odysias. Without you guys there would be no successful raiding from this guild and you guys only rarely get the appreciation which you deserve! I also want to thank the other officers of the team Vmas for still doing RFP snaps and loot after all those years (when he is there and not jumping around with beautiful girls ;)) and Washu, the cuddliest Bunny-Shadowknight on the server!

Of course I also want to thank all the others who are helping one way or another, be it by helping in the strategy channel, by working on audio triggers (lots needed in EoK), making tank lines or just being there and doing their job focused and efficiently without complaints about the umpteenth death - in short: the core of Raging Fury.

For now I will finish off by telling all you online gamers out there that there are other things than just gaming, so keep your priorities straight!


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