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27.05.2018 Do you remember ... by Washu

the time we learned how to have a party with Drusella in Sathir's Tomb? If not, just reread the information Reneca shared just a few weeks ago

After all those funny evenings filled with Dead people. Our Raidleaders reconsidered their strategy about how to show Drusella the way of piling her bones the correct way. While we have been finishing all the preparations with the needed gifts, we send out our best wishes to Drusella.


After some time our scout came back with bad News, he looked as if death had welcomed him. He said that Drusella is willing to have a party with us, BUT it is not allowed for any of the living people to stay more than 25 minutes in her great hallways. So we had been in need to find some hideouts, and what shall i say ... we found them


sadly Drusella was not amused about that and gave her fellowers the order to hunt us down the floors. These huntings haven't been that funny, many unDead, gnawers and other strange members of THE fellowship came out of their tombs, wich made us run around like headless chickens

headless chicken

After this Deadly contact we decided to come back to send Drusella to her final rest and wipe out all those dusty tombs. So yet the other day we passed by and sat down to give our strat-team the time to develop a strategy for putting the plan into action. All sat around in the corner waiting for their specific orders ... and then there it was, the moment our raidleaders gave all their instructions: The Hailers for the propper percentages have been set and the team of shadowknights have been set on special duty by RL.. the warriors decided to create their own way of having fun…
Hailers RL_order

After solving the riddle of whom has stolen the artifact (which had been Daze and this just for revenge) it was easter for the clerics. They were on duty to put all the parts of the shadowknights together again ... which was not that easy after all those explosions. After they finally finished the puzzle all have been proud of their work and here it is the team that put down Drusella to her final rest for the first time:

the winner

Special thanks to our Raidleaders Eladamri and Koldanar, they had to pull the mass of headless chicken together and sent out their volunteers into death

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