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12.01.2003 Agnarr the Storm Lord slain by Nineveh

Agnarr the Storm Lord, the abhorrence of Karana himself was confronted and defeated within the Bastion of Thunder today, a battle in which I personally did not participate, thus the pictorial material as well as quote of the week was donated by our newly appointed guildleader, Klavs.

Agnarr the Storm Lord Agnarr the Storm Lord

Faiar was the source of inspiration for the following picture, and unless you actually play on Antonius Bayle, the oddity in the picture will most likely elude you.

Nineveh and Faiar

ah whenever im depressed or in a bad mood, i just

05.01.2003 Bertoxxulous & Saryrn slain by Nineveh

The crypt of decay stood empty today as the plaguebringer himself was defeated in what can only be described as a way overdue kill. Our previous attempt ended post the point of enrage, and thus todays victoious outcome was especially liberating. Practically the entire guild participated, and with a higher turnout than we have seen in weeks, new conquests were definately within reach

Bertoxxulous Bertoxxulous

Still amply representated, we learned Saryrn was up within the plane of Torment, a deity we had yet to attempt. Loaded with confidence from the previous slaying, Saryrn offered no resistance, and the path to the tower of Solusek for some reasons seemed shorter.

Saryrn Saryrn

Apparanetly fighting a female deity is more than some can handle. The following two quotes occured during the fight, and are both necessities for the front page,

she is HOY !!!

take pic of her tits :-)

24.12.2002 Merry Christmas! by Nineveh

On behalf of Raging Fury, I have the pleasure and privilege of wishing the guilds and players of Antonius Bayle a merry christmas and thank them for the year that is about to end. Hopefully those of us that got along this year, will continue to do so in the next.

I searched in vain for a suitable EQ related christmas photo, so until we actually kill something:


19.12.2002 For the hive! by Nineveh

Rydda'Dar was the barrier that withheld Raging Fury from entering the lower depths of the Halls of Honor, home of Mithaniel Marr. Upon learning that this dragon was up we soon found ourselves in the company of Mortalis, also seeking to flag their last members for an upcoming encounter with the deity.

Thus in collaboration, the two guilds came to the decision that instead of racing for this particular encounter, it would be of mutual interest to merely do what we were both there for, namely flagging every guildmember there. Boneheads of Butcherblock also had their local representative present, and faced against such a trio, Rydda'Dar was heard uttering the exact same words as Celsius

zerg ...

Rydda'Dar Rydda'Dar

In addition to spending most of our time within the new planes, we have also visited Vex Thal on some occations, and obviously the ugly stick has struck again. I had to catch Faiar offguard in order to get a screenshot of his latest addition, whilst Spellquestor proudly wears his headpiece

Fashion Fashion

29.11.2002 A peek behind the curtains by Nineveh

Normally a guild refrains from displaying encounters which did not exactly turn out as planned. One could almost believe raids rarely fail, trains never occur and that Klavs actually stood his ground against the Emperor for more than 5 minutes prior to the release of Planes of Power.

All of the above can easily be dismissed as mere fables, and to illustrate Raging Fury proudly present the aftermath of a certain wizard chosing all but the right moment to show off a newly aquired Xuzl skill, though rest assured, others have experienced similar, and no it was not me!


Finishing up with a few random quotes, keep in mind that none of these are "serious", except for Deidda:

sleep some u freak psyco !!! lol )))

ghoooooobfuihovfi I WILL KICK YOUR ASS WHEN I SEE

as CLR you are dependent on ppl with no life =P

The lair of Terris Thule was actually found populated for once, and thus the forces gathered in preparation and anticipation for what was to be the first major milestone in the Planes of Power, not accounting for Kerafyrm's lineage nor the male version of Chikaka (residing within the Plane of Disease, and rather bold). Should you have further problems making the actual connection, feel free to inquire ingame.

Terris Thule dead Terris Thule dead

The first planar deity slain, a more diverse zone selection available, two new trinkets, more accurately two Indigo Snake Bracelets and a Sable Lined Mantle and hopefully a continous line of updates equivalently prosperous still to come.

Indigo Snake Bracelets Sable Lined Mantle

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