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Default Currently seeking...

Updated December 17, 2017

Please note that all applicants MUST be level 105

Current guild needs:

Bards: Open
Beastlords: Open
Berserkers: Open
Clerics: Open
Druids: Open
Magicians: Open
Monks: Open
Rogues: Open
Shadow Knights: Open
Shamans: Open
Wizards: Open

Enchanters: Closed
Necromancers: Closed
Paladins: Closed
Rangers: Closed
Warriors: Closed

General guidelines:

High Desire
Medium Desire
Low Desire
Closed - No room but we will consider exceptional applicants on a case by case basis

Things that will help your application, especially if you want to fall into the "exceptional player" category:

- Raidexperience
- High Playtime
- Flags
- Good level of gear & clicky items for your class
- Good augments
- MPG group trial resists
- DoN progression AAs
- Achievement - Empires of Kunark -> Progression -> Essence of the Dragon I

As a guild we do not set a long list of required AAs that we want every applicant to have. We make our decision based upon the guilds current, as well as future, needs and upon the demonstrated ability/activity of the player involved. However, there are certain AAs which are essential for each class/raid survivability and you will be required to have them.

With the introduction of Emipres of Kunark, our raid focus has shifted and expanded to new horizons and new enemies. Our main priority, as a guild, is progression inside EoK.

The content we are raiding requires a lot from players, both gearwise and attention wise. While we are willing to provide the first for you, the second is something you will have to prove to us during your trial period and after.

Raging Fury's raiding schedule is as follows:

Sunday - Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 CET (18:00 - 22:00 GMT, 13:00 - 17:00 EST, 10:00 - 14:00 PST)

Plus Additional Days During Progression/As Needed

Thursday : Flexible raid day (no RA, maybe RFP!)

The more active and pro-active of a player you are, the better the chance of you making it as a Full Member of RF. Trialists and Full Members are expected to be on for raid start time and maintain a raid attendance of 50% or higher.

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